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I purchased a car from this car lot in Mount Sterling, Ky on Winchester Road. The first vehicle I bought had a *** up transmission.

They traded me out. The second vehicle I purchased ran alright until I took it on the interstate and the RPM's jump up to almost 4000 in 5th gear and it's a 5 speed. The gear ratio shows it should be at 2500rpm's. They say they're going to trade me out, I call them back today 2/4/2012 and they now say they refuse to trade me out so now I'm stuck with a car that I can't even go to the next town in.

This has got to be the shittiest dealership I've ever been to. I hope no one else gets ripped off like these jackasses have ripped me off.

They are nothing but crooks and won't even refund your money. Ridiculous

Monetary Loss: $3995.

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Doug Dawson Sucks!


Please listen this so called Dealership Doug Dawson is a joke there a very unproffessional they did the same thing to me and my husband refused to give us a maintenance report or a carfax and when we tried to just inspect the vehicle they became extremly aggrivated and told us they didnt want to sell the car to us any more and that they were not going to deal with our nit picky bulls#it all because we asked for they head light to be replaced!!! Not to mention treating us like this in front of my 3 year old daughter!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!


I strongly urge people to stay away from this "so called" dealership!! They have absolutely ZERO knowledge about any vehicle they have!!!

They refuse to provide a carfax,refuse to provide any previous maintenance history,refuse to give you any background about any vehicle!!!

They are extremely unprofessional and have the worst customer service in the state of Kentucky!!! PLEASE PLEASE listen to my warnings and stay away from these people before you become another victim!!!

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